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Alan Krasner is the author of a trilogy of meditative poetry. The poems and haikus portray my personal spiritual journey. Inspired in meditations, they are best received in a tranquil setting. Each book is complete unto itself and layered in meaning with one another.


Experiencing the poetry:


The three books are organized in the same manner. There are six collections, with three poems in each collection, so 18 poems in each book. Reading a book from cover to cover provides a sense of the breadth of the journey. And poems are imbued with the rhythms of the meditative experience.


Experiencing the haiku:


Each poem and collection has a companion haiku, so there are 24 haikus in each book. While a haiku appears before each poem, it “appeared” after writing the poem. Haikus capture the essence of the poem or collection, allowing time for reflection and deep meditation.


May you discover your own truth





Senses fully aware

Quietude fills the air

Existing everywhere

No direction, nowhere.


Needing nothing

Being nothing

Knowing itself

Not knowing itself.


Awareness filling emptiness

Sensing something, otherness

A pause, what does it mean?

Resting now, serene.


Still breathless serene
Knowing nothing but itself
Stirring within sensed.